No WiFi neon signEarlier this week, many districts found that their Chromebooks had lost wifi connection, due to a glitch in the Google Admin dashboard network policy. Although iOS devices do not require wifi connection to function, wifi connectivity is critical. And when iOS devices lose connection to a secure wifi, a quick fix is needed. But how can you push an update that will fix the issue without requiring each device to be touched by a tech?

The short answer: an Open Wifi.

When setting up your wifi network, create an open wifi. Add this wifi to the MDM policies. You can then turn this wifi off. If devices lose connection to the main wifi, for whatever reason (such as an Ed Tech Director adding a typo to the proxy connection…ugh), you have a quick way to reconnect to the devices and send updated policies to correct the situation.

On an aside, open wifi is also an easier way to complete the initial deployment setup of mass devices when a hardwire connection is not available.

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