As I reflect upon my journey as an educator, Professional Learning and mentoring have been my constant companion. Without the counsel and support of my fellow educators, I doubt that I would still be teaching. In 2015, I decided to give back. Along with Stephanie “Webs” Weber, I founded the Intelligent Hoodlums. We began to present at local conferences and conferences in California, but there always seemed to be something missing. We began to notice the cost of Professional Learning was rather high. Whether measured in money, time, or opportunity, many educators are unable to acquire resources that would allow a diversity of ideas, strategies, and techniques to be infused into their classrooms. 

This year we decided to do something different. We wanted a Professional Learning experience that would allow anyone to participate regardless of where they lived. We still wanted the face to face interaction, laughter, and collaboration that a conference offers, but without the stress of having to figure out transportation, who would babysit the kids, or watch the dogs. We wanted educators that have to work during the summer to be able to view sessions when it was convenient for them to do so.

Thus the Versatile Instruction Resulting in Genuine Innovation and Learning  (VIRGIL) Conference was born. This conference is entirely online with the ability to be played back in its entirety after the final session. We were blessed to have dynamic presenters like Cathy Hunt, who will speak about arts integration, Steve Bambury, who’ll offer advice on using virtual and augmented reality in your classroom, and Anthony Johnson, who’ll give pointers about adding authentic learning to your curriculum, agree to share their ideas and guide conversations. We even managed to wrangle our very own Jon Corippo into sharing!

This experience is free and will begin on July 31 and end August 2. To view the schedule and register, visit #virgilcon #virgilcon19

Written by Mike Lang of The Intelligent Hoodlums


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