Tom and MikeAre you a TOSA, Instructional Coach, teacher-leader, or aspiring edu-leader? Don’t miss out on one of our favorite podcasts just for you by our very own CUE members, Tom Covington and Mike Jephcott out of Bassett Unified School District. Their most recent episode not only calls out some of the most generous national edtech voices we know, but also honors some CUE members who are quick to share, collaborate, and inspiration!

About 20 minutes into their episode, Tom and Mike breakdown some best practices of podcasting like how to title it, where to host it, and who to listen to. We are so pumped to share their good work and let all CUE members know that there are change agents clearing the podcasting road for you to take your first step (or listen to someone else’s)!

Give Episode 57 a listen!!

Download, follow, and share TOSAs Talking Tech here! And in the words of Tom and Mike…

May your tech always be working. May your tickets be answered quickly. And may you remember to save to the cloud frequently.

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