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In Episode 13 with Scott the Teacher and Matthew the Tech Coach, we interview Co-Author of EduProtocols Book – Marlena Hebern! Marlena shares with us several new and remixed lesson frames from her upcoming book EduProtocols 2 coming out this Friday, August 23rd on Amazon.

In this episode we talk about:
• New Smart Start back to school schedule located at
• Learn about the EduProtocol lesson frames including Sketch and Tell, Number Mania, Hero’s Journey, Worst Preso Ever, Iron Chef, Frayer a Friend, Cyber Sandwich, Math Reps, and Bookakucha
• Find out what EduProtocols to start within your classroom
• Discover what frameworks are best, to begin with, if you are facilitating a teacher PD on EduProtocols

Follow Marlena at @mhebern, @eduprotocols, and check out the website

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