We are super excited for ISTE! Come see us of you are going, and if not follow the hashtag #NOTATISTE and stay tuned to our podcast because we are hoping to squeeze in some live recordings!


LDI is right around the corner! Be sure to get involoved with this leadership opportunity! We will be co-hosting a #CUEHike with Central California CUE, and cannot wait! Participants will recieve an honorary sticker and more!

Episode 9: Mmm Mmm EdTech Goodness

The TNT Edtech Podcast shares out that it is now powered by CUE for the next 6 months! Matthew discusses Gim Kit and Scott discussion Gamification, PBL, and his end of the year project. Mentions Michael Matera, Glenn Irvin, Chris Aviles, and Jonathan Spike; #xplap #games4ed #gamification #PBL

Our Story

We came up with the name TNT (Teacher and Tech Coach) because we wanted something dynamic, familiar, and explosive!

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When do We publish?

We publish our podcast every other week, and  inbetween to hold folks over we throw out a teaser of the upcoming episode.

Why we love CUE

We love CUE not just because we both serve as board members for Central California CUE, but because CUE is like family!

CUE members have nourished us, given us key insights, and given us their best, and we want to give back, and help make things better!

Its #grindtime

We are all in this summer–It is conference season! Scott and Matthew (especially Matthew) are going to a bunch of conferences and different Professional Development opportunities.

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