Guest Blog Post by Spring CUE Featured Speaker Claudio Zavala, Jr.

“It’s gonna be really CUE-L”

What’s happening, everyone? I’m pretty pumped to be at Spring CUE 2020! Back in my home state for a couple of days. Reminds me of a song lyrics, “California Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From.”

Let me share a few things about myself and what I plan to share with you. I love to create! I love to draw, paint, shoot and edit videos, photography, carpentry, graphic design, and playing drums. My friends kiddingly and lovingly call me the Renaissance Man! I’ll take it. In addition to creating, I love teaching!

I’m at an interesting point in my career. Let me explain. I started out as an elementary teacher back in 1995 in San Diego. Stay Classy! I enjoyed teaching students. I still do when I get a chance to. My journey in education took me out of the classroom to train teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum. All along using my creative background in lessons. Jumpcut to today, both passions have blended, become a creative amalgam.

This creative amalgam drives me today. It motivates me to capture and share moments. To tell visually and compelling stories by combining colors, images, text, movement, and sound. And combine all those with emotion – that’s storytelling!

And that’s what I want to share with you at Spring CUE 2020. I want to share my passion for telling stories with you. To help you create authentic, engaging, and meaningful content that can make an impact on those in your world and beyond! Can’t wait to see you!

Claudio Zavala, Jr. – Claudio is an edtech coordinator and consultant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Passionate about fostering creativity in the classroom and using creation tools to enrich learning and experiences in the classroom, Claudio is an Adobe Education Leader, Alpha Squirrels, Flipgrid Ambassador, Google Certified Educator, and a Participate Community Advisor.

In addition to his roles as an educator and trainer, Claudio has vast experience in music, photography, and cinematography. He uses this knowledge to help educators build their storytelling skills with various digital tools. Claudio is passionate about helping students, teachers and more tell their stories!

Claudio has presented to many educators, administrators, and others at various national and international conferences, including SXSWEdu, ISTE, FETC and ASCD.

Connect with Claudio on Twitter: @ClaudioZavalaJr – Instagram: @ClaudioZavalaJr and online at

Spring CUE will be in Palm Springs once again for 2020, hosting over 5000 education-minded and EdTech loving attendees at the longest-running, largest annual event on the West Coast. There are over 42 years of CUE institutional knowledge shared at Spring CUE each year – join us this year to change how you teach:

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