Or maybe your school year has already come to an end.

Either way, as you are putting everything away and sifting through the physical items in your room before summer, why not take a few moments to tidy up your digital space as well? Your Google Classroom might seem like it’s bloated and overflowing with assignments, comments, and student work. Your Drive may be feeling cluttered and disorganized. This is normal. After all, you have all been working hard all year. If you clean up now, you will feel much better coming back into your (Google) Classroom next fall.

So, where to begin? The always awesome Eric Curts has got you covered. His blog post 6 End-Of-Year Google Classroom Clean-up Tips has six easy things to do now so you can start fresh next year. He will help you remove the clutter from your Google Drive, Classroom, and Calendars, while making sure that your posts and assignments remain available for you to reuse next year. It will only take you a short time, but it will definitely be time well spent.

While you’re on your cleaning binge, you may also want to visit Alice Keeler’s article on the same subject. She has some great ideas on how to set things up to avoid creating so much clutter in the first place, which will make things easier on you in the future.


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