We all love to be recognized for the impact we have on learning, whether it’s students in our classrooms or adults in a professional development setting. Here at CUE, we are no different. We received this letter from Mrs. Shaw, who, through Donors Choose was able to make it this year to Spring CUE. If you have had the chance to attend the annual event, you will probably find yourself nodding along as you read.

This letter also reminds us of the lengths dedicated teachers will go to find good professional development. Many of us shell out our own money or ask for help though sites like Donors Choose. We know that growing as an educator means constantly stretching ourselves to learn more.

Thank you, Mrs. Shaw for not just saying thank you, but for recognizing your need to be refreshed through learning. CUE thanks you and the thousands of educators who make the pilgrimage to our events to improve classroom practices and student learning. Because of you, innovation will continue to be a priority for our schools.

Dear CUE Board of Directors,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn so much valuable information to take back to my school with me. I learned about several new websites/apps, some new ways of using technology that I had heard about, and was able to do some networking. I feel like I have upped my knowledge on new technology which is important to me and my craft!

The highlight of the event was the learning! I was amazed by how phenomenal the speakers and presenters were. I honestly didn’t leave any sessions early due to disappointment. I have been to conferences in the past that have left me disappointed because the topics weren’t interesting. I actually had a challenging time narrowing down which sessions to go to because so many sounded interesting! I want to go to CUE every single year now!

Something that I learned and plan to implement (when returning from maternity leave) is Nearpod. Nearpod is essentially an interactive slide deck. Another thing that my team and I plan to create is choice boards. We see this being useful in many academic areas, but we plan on starting with choice board homework.

Thanks again for your financial help. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend amazing CUE!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Shaw


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