astronaut/teacher Joe Acaba

Astronaut/teacher Joe Acaba studies vegetable plants growing on the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA

Right now, NASA is celebrating a Year of Education on the International Space Station (ISS), and two of the astronauts are former teachers. As part of this celebration, NASA has made available several STEM activities related to the ISS and its role in helping us reach Mars.

On their website at, you will find lesson plans, videos, and news, in addition to a wealth of other information for both teachers and students. Students can watch a livestream of Earth as viewed from space, learn about what research is conducted aboard the ISS, and watch the astronauts do experiments. They can also learn about the station itself and what life in space is like. They can even connect with the astronauts for live question-and-answer sessions. How cool is that?

Teachers will find Learning Launchers containing lesson plans, videos, and other resources on a variety of topics related to the ISS. Some of the titles include Robotics, Space Station and the Economy, The Brain in Space, and Under the Microscope (microbes), but there are many more to choose from if none of these appeal to you.

You can subscribe to updates on the Stem on Station website, and Twitter users can follow the hashtags #TeacherOnBoard and #stemonstation to see the latest news. Bon voyage!

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