Congratulations to all of this year’s Teachers of the Year.

2018 Teachers of the Year

Not only is it an honor to be named Teacher of the Year for your state or territory, but it is also an opportunity to learn and grow from other inspirational teacher leaders. Recently, all the 2018 Teachers of the Year gathered at the White House to celebrate. However, this cohort will do much more than just celebrate. They will have five face to face opportunities to meet and learn together, as well as to help shape the future of education in this country. According to the Council of Chief State School Officers – the organizational sponsor – one goal is to create leaders of educational policies and ensure that they have a voice in the conversation from state to national level.

Google for Education is the other sponsor for this year’s cohort. They hosted the first of the five face to face meetups.

The best part? We can all learn from these educators. Google has put together a YouTube Playlist called “Lessons from Teachers of the Year” that contains short (less than two minutes each) videos showcasing each of the teachers. The subjects they discuss range from hopes, inspirations, technology, and trust to empathy, advice, and so much more. Hearing their stories is just the ‘zing’ a teacher needs at the end of the school year.

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