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What’s Your WiFi Backup Plan?

Earlier this week, many districts found that their Chromebooks had lost wifi connection, due to a glitch in the Google Admin dashboard network policy. Although iOS devices do not require wifi connection to function, wifi connectivity is critical. And when iOS devices...Read more ›

Apps and Books Now in Apple School Manager

Apple has been making some exciting updates to their iPad device management options. The most recent announcement removes the need to use the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for app and book purchases. Instead, these features have been rolled into Apple School Manager....Read more ›
Apple Classroom with and without MDM

Apple Classroom with and without MDM

It used to be that one of the requirements of Apple Classroom was an MDM and a sync to Apple School Manager for updated class rosters. Well, those days are gone. There are now a few different ways to launch Apple Classroom. It’s important to understand the options...Read more ›
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