Student novels writing for project-based writing

Writing is an art, and asking our students to write – to create something new from just a blank page and some words – is hard work. And just because they have laptops or iPads doesn’t mean they will write with enthusiasm. So how can we engage students in writing work that is meaningful enough that they will take the time to think, revise, edit and proofread their writing? What if instead of giving your students many short assignments, you challenged them to a month-long or even semester-long project that took them down the rabbit hole of deep, thoughtful writing and all the thinking that goes with it? And what if we gave students multiple opportunities to use technology to collaborate on, share, critique and publish their writing? Join me at the Intersection of Technology and English Class on Saturday at 12:30pm and discover the magic of Project-Based Writing. We’ll look at student samples and talk about how to design projects that incorporate a wide variety of standards and take advantage of technology to inspire meaningful and purposeful writing.

Student created media using Adobe Spark

Come back on Sunday at 10:15 and get your hands dirty with Media Literacy through Media Creation! We’ll dive into the gorgeous, easy and free world of Adobe Spark, where you and your students can create stunning graphics, webpages and videos. Media production is an effective way to help your students learn just how much the media tries to manipulate them. Want them to understand advertising? Then let them create their own ads with Adobe Spark graphics. Want to reinforce literary elements such as symbolism, backstory, transitions and narrative? Then let them learn by creating their own video stories. Want to teach them the power of their digital footprint? Then let them build an academic footprint of their own with an Adobe Spark web page filled with their best work. Your students will love creating with Adobe Spark, and you will love the price tag: free!

Join Laura Bradley on Saturday, October 19th from 12:30-1:30pm for her session “At the Intersection of Technology and English Class: Project-Based Writing” in G10 and/or on Sunday, October 20th from 10:15-11:15 am for her second session “Media Literacy through Media Creation: Graphics, Web Pages, and Videos, Oh My!” in G3.

Laura Bradley is a 25-year veteran of the middle school classroom, where she has taught English language arts with everything from pencil and paper to typewriters, PC desktops, Mac Air laptops, iPads and Chromebooks. She has also developed curriculum for and teaches two elective courses: Digital Design Lab and Broadcast Media, where her students produce the school’s daily news show. Laura holds an M.A. in Educational Technology, and is a Google Certified Innovator, PBS Digital Innovator All-Star, National Board Certified Teacher, Bay Area Writing Project Teacher Consultant, and first place winner of the Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award.

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