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Picture of Scott NunesPicture of Scott Nunes with Dr. Bryan Sanders

Dr. Bryan Sanders is a CUE educator out of the Santa Monica area, he can be found on Twitter at @nayrbgo. We first met online, but our relationship grew when we connected in person in Modesto, my hometown, where he was conducting a Microsoft training through I2E (insight2execution.com). Dr. Bryan Sanders and I chatted all night about all things edtech! What stood out to me is the great work he has done with student voice, most recently with podcasting.

Being a podcaster has helped me realize how fulfilling sharing one’s thoughts on this platform could be. When I am excited about something I become super chatty, so podcasting comes naturally. What Dr. Bryan Sanders has done is take it to the next level with his students. They not only plan, record, edit, and share but have taken things to the national student podcasting scene! 2 of his students won a spot on NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge! This inspired me to start using Soundtrap with my students and share out tips, tricks, and experiences gained from sharing out my podcast. This is not Dr. Sander’s first success with student voice either he has been doing it since before it was formally a thing. Check out his pinned tweet! He and his students got a grant from the famous Power 106 radio station in LA for 5k almost 20 years ago–Wow!

David Platt–student voice champion

David PlattDavid Platt with Students from a May 25th post

Another educator amplifying student voice through student podcasting is David Platt (@herrplatt on Twitter), President of SGV CUE. He has been at it a while, and attributes some of his inspiration and plan to, CUE Board Member, Brian Briggs. His message is to start small and scale. This reminds me of Sarah Thomas’ Mantra: “Connect, Impact, and Scale” ( Episode 19 of the TNT Edtech Podcast, which comes out October 30th). David documents his student podcasting journey on his site, organiteched.com, among his other musings.

What these two educators have done is demonstrate that student podcasting is possible in any environment with basic tech and knowledge, and as progress is made, better tech and student outcomes are possible. Students and teachers can even use Anchor to quickly get a taste of podcasting, but be sure to check with local and state privacy laws/rules before dipping in. I touch on the ease of using Anchor to amplify voice in my #CUEBoom (at the 22 min. mark) at this year’s Fall CUE Conference.

Left to Right: Scott Nunes with Dr. Randall Sampson and Toutoule Ntoya, Ed.D right before the CUE Boom at Fall CUE October 19th, 2019

Give it up for the Innovator: Hans Tullmann!

Hans and ScottHans Tullmann and Scott Nunes with friend Paul Gordan and representatives from Piper

I leave you with one last amazing CUE educator working hard to amplify student voice, Hans Tullmann (@HansTullmann on Twitter), an educator, consultant and coach affiliated with Kern CUE. Hans is a recent Google Innovator; his tenacity and vision lead him to that prestigious program, and it continues to propel his innovation in classrooms! Check out his mini-sound booth post on Twitter! Do not let the simple design fool you! When traveling, I use a similar setup to record the TNT Edtech podcast. Not only is it effective, it is highly affordable! You can grab the foam pieces from Amazon for just over $1.50/panel, and I found a 3 pack of canvas boxes of similar size for $1 at Dollar Tree a while back! If you cannot find the heavily discounted canvas boxes, try this 6-pack from Amazon for under $3 apiece. Add some velcro (~$8) to the sides of the canvas boxes and back of the foam panels, and now you have a portable and collapsible audio studio! That brings the total cost to under $6 per box! If you are patient, upcycle, or hunt for bargain prices then that overall cost drops significantly!

Hans Sound boxesHans Tullmann’s Sound boxes

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