We have all had a colleague or staff member that is hesitant to any type of technology in their classroom.  Creating technology equity among our classrooms can be a daunting task. Not just technology for technology sake but the true benefits of enhancing lessons to reach the limitless possibilities of the 4 Cs (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication) that technology can bring.  So how do we as technology or site leaders ensure that all members of a school can thrive and enjoy integrating technology with their students?

Katherine Goyette and Adam Juarez address this very issue in the current edition of ACSA, Association of California School Administrators.  In their article, “Break Down the Walls: Connecting With Tech Resistant Teachers” they explain how in some cases starting with the why is just not enough if these educators do not share the same vision of enhancing lessons with technology.  Sometimes you must connect with the educator first, the who, to find commonality to your vision.


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