In this week’s episode, TOSAs Talking Tech highlight some great sessions at the upcoming SGVCUE Innovation Celebration. First is @judyblakeney and @drtriciahyun presenting “Leaps of Strengths” a focus on a Strengths-Based learning approach. They highlight the use of Thrively and how they get the most from their students strengths in class.

Next is @WonderTechEdu and her presentation “Hit a Home Run on Google Slides.” She will present on project ideas, designing mindmaps, practicing online conversations, and more!

Also, we will have @simonometry and @edtechamatics presenting on “Podcasting: Everyone can do it!” They will speak on how podcasting can be easy and fun, and they will go over tools and tips to get your own podcast started.

Lastly, we featured @bensonk49 and his presentation titled “Get your OneNote on!” This session will gov oer the many use and tips and tricks for using OneNote in the classroom.

Also, Tom and Mike talk to David Platt, president of @SGVCUE and talk more about innovation celebration, upcoming SGVCUE events, and how to sign up for Innovation Celebration. Remember, SGVCUE Innovation Celebration is October 27, 2018 at Bassett High School in La Puente California. Click the link for more info!

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