Tory Wadlington, a RSP teacher with Murrieta Valley Unified School District, will be presenting for the first time at CUE BOLD this coming weekend.

Tory, known for his work as a co-founder of the Equity in Action CA group and as the Vice President of Inland Area CUE, is all about the social emotional learning in education. His work with the most vulnerable of school populations has taught him as much in his five years of teaching. “SEL is so important to my personal mission,” Tory states. “It is one of the reasons I connect with my students so well.”

Tory is excited about bringing his love of SEL into his upcoming sessions for CUE BOLD.

“I love learning about and practicing SEL strategies. I’ve even come up with my own variations. My classroom is all about creating a safe space where students can thrive and become their best selves. I understand that as a teacher who cares a lot about their students can get emotionally exhausted, but I have strategies for that too! My session is all about utilizing technology to create safe and equitable classrooms,” he states.

Tory’s passion for building relationships with his students is evident in his professional practice. “I am most passionate about building meaningful and impactful relationships with students and their families,” he states. “Most of my strategies require clear and mindful communication.”

Tory, middle, pictured with the other co-founders of the Equity in Action CA group.

As a first time BOLD presenter and Featured Speaker, Tory is excited to see what this coming weekend brings. “I’ve heard that I make people feel comfortable in my sessions, like we’re all learning together. I never claim to know it all and transparency has always been key to me,” he states.

Tory recognizes the power of his PLN and how important connections are – both inside and outside of the classroom. His work with Equity in Action CA and IACUE has brought perspective to his practice as an educator. “CUE saved my life,” he states.

Join Tory for this year’s CUE BOLD conference. For more information and to register, visit today!

About Kristin Oropeza
Kristin is a full-time special education teacher, contract consultant, and educational content writer. She is a Google Certified Teacher (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Trainer, and MIE Expert for 2020-2021.