Dr. Sonny Magana may be new to BOLD this year, but he has been studying and working the educational realm for the last 40 years.

Dr. Magana, Founder/CEO Magana Education, is a renowned author, researcher, and learning theorist and has been challenging the status quo in education since his early career as one of the founding teachers of ACES Alternative High School in Mukilteo, Washington – his home state. Over the years, Dr. Magana has made it his mission to connect his students to new technologies and online learning. His latest book, “Disruptive Classroom Technologies,” introduced the T3 Framework for Innovation and has been met acclaim and aims to set a new standard for sustainable innovations in the school environment.

Dr. Magana tells OnCUE what attendees can expect from his BOLD sessions and how educators can plan to “disrupt” how they approach EdTech.

Briefly describe your session(s) for readers. What can they expect?

In 1995, I created and served as Principal of America’s first CyberSchool program to meet the needs of digital-age students prior to the turn of the 21st Century. The research findings from CyberSchool laid the groundwork for the T3 Framework for Innovation, a high impact learning model that has been shown to have exceedingly large gains in student learning. I’ll facilitate two contributive learning experiences with CUEBold participants to explore how these research findings can be implemented to help educators work less, teach better, and accelerate learning productivity. The sessions that I facilitate will be highly interactive, experiential, and contributive.

What are you most passionate about in education and how is that infused in what you present on?

I am most passionate about making the world a better place by improving the lives of students, teachers, and education leaders. The mission of Magana Education is to synthesize rigorous education research into clear, concrete principles, strategies, and tools that unlock limitless learning for all students. 

What’s in your “secret sauce”? What makes you unique as a presenter?

Unfortunately, the EdTech space has become an echo chamber of evidence-free opinions, memes, or catch phrases that haven’t moved the needle of impact forward. The “secret sauce” for Magana Education is the simple fact that our work is driven by four decades of rigorous research focused on reliably enhancing teaching and learning with educational technology tools. The T3 Framework evidence base has been peer-reviewed by global education scholars, like Dr. John Hattie, and was inducted into the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education:

“The effects of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) remain too low and understanding the “why” it is so low is critical. Sonny Magana has advanced our understanding of the Visible Learning Model a major step forward. His T3 Framework aligns beautifully with the Visible Learning claims, inviting ICT to move beyond the translational (surface), to also incorporate the transformation (deep), and the transcendent (transfer). To thence use ICT in these powerful ways will require a revolution—asking teachers to reduce their emphasis on the “Tell and Practice” model and inviting and teaching students to be more involved in planning, teaching each other, and evaluating their impact on the three levels of learning. The T3 Challenge is a powerful, credible, and exciting challenge that Magana has offered us: Let’s do it!

John Hattie, Laureate Professor, Deputy Dean of MGSE, University of Melbourne

Why do you think BOLD conferences are needed for educators?

CUE BOLD is unique in that it provides an opportunity for educators to experience research-driven work, like the T3 Framework and the T3 EduProtocols,  so they can experience high-impact learning strategies. This is essential for transferring this work into classrooms and schools across California.

Join Dr. Magana for this year’s CUE BOLD conference. For more information and to register, visit www.cue.org/bold today!

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