A single submission for both main CUE Conferences. A simpler, improved submission process. Updated topics. And no more timer!

The CUE staff and Fall/Spring Conference Planning Committees are excited to announce an updated and refreshed speaker selection process. We feel that this process will increase the quality and diversity of our two flagship conferences that are already known for amazing, member-led sessions.

We’d really like to thank Burt Lo, Jennifer Kloczko and Matt Miller and the entire team for getting these great improvements turned around on such a quick timeframe!

An important thing that’s not changing!

The submissions are blind-read (no names) by CUE volunteers. Each submission will be read two-three times. This ensures a fair entry point for all potential presenters.

Some major highlights as to why CUE is making these changes:

CUE is looking for greater equity, opportunity, and transparency as part of the speaker submission and session selection process.

Every time we announce the acceptance of amazing sessions for Fall or Spring CUE, there is a group of our members who are trying to reconcile why they WEREN’T selected. Our goal is to give our speakers the ability to more fully understand the process and make sure their entries are the best they can be.

Another great development: The CUE affiliates and learning networks will now have the ability to submit session of their own choice via a different, specialized version of this process that will allow the CUE Affiliates and Learning Networks to curate their own content as part of the CUE conference experience. We think that our Affiliates and Learning Networks should be able to bring their best shares to these massive learning events.

Some changes you can expect to see when you use our new process:

  • Going forward, sessions will be read against topics in the same area. In the past, the scoring was a winner-take-all model. Upon reflection, our team recognized
    this was an example of “equality” not actually being “equitable.” Starting this cycle, we’ll be looking for the best sessions in each TOPIC.
  • One of the most common reasons certain sessions are overlooked is because of a missing or weak abstract. In an effort to help everyone perform at their best, we are sharing a high-quality sample abstract so that potential speakers can get a clearer sense of a successful submission.
  • We have clarified and added topics that keep our CUE conferences relevant. New/renamed topics include: Student Equity, UDL and Student Privacy.
  • No more timer; take as long as you like.
  • We are providing a sample form so you can see what you need to consider before submitting.
  • We are using Google Forms. (So easy!)
  • You’ll get email confirmation of your submission so you can remember what you submitted.
  • We’ll share real-time data on what’s been submitted so far.
  • First presenters at the CUE conferences will be scored against submitters with similar amounts of experience

Are you excited to get started sharing and presenting? Head on over to CUE.org/Present right now!

Have questions? Email myself (jcorippo@cue.org) or Cate Tolnai – ctolnai@cue.org, we’ll help!



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