Guest Blog Post by Virtual Fall CUE Featured Speaker Vernon Wright

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say to all of you across the United States and the globe how happy I am to be part of the CUE family with you! I have to share that from day one of becoming part of CUE, I’ve been blessed to have connected with so many of you and to have learned of your creative genius.

During the course of my career in education, I’ve been part of different organizations and groups, but being part of the CUE family has been different in profoundly, positive ways. CUE understands and was built on the recognition, power, and innovation of each educator. When an organization is built with cornerstones of thought from educators, you know that it authentically represents what learning is all about.

That is why when the opportunity came along for me to be part of Fall CUE, I was humbled and honored to say yes! Indeed, behind the scenes, I’ve had that “Fall CUE” kind of thinking on my mind for quite a while.

For me, organizations have the power to bring us together, to coalesce, to dream, to create a new vision, and uplift others. I’m grateful for the opportunities over the years in roles as a teacher, teacher leader, campus leadership team member, and district-level support that I’ve leveraged to focus on doing the same. Now as a speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, life coach, and more, I’ve dedicated my life to the same focus of bringing joy, significance, belonging, and more to educators’ lives.

At Fall CUE I’ll be sharing about the “secret ingredient” that will propel educators to the next level in their spheres of impact.  It’s the “secret” that is right before our eyes every day. As well, I’m excited to share in a different session about taking time to look at your life, your goals, and more with a passionate focus on creating a blueprint for the rest of 2020 and beyond for your life. Before we can “pour” into others, we must first be poured into, and it’s my goal to do just that in both of my sessions!

The place is Fall CUE, and the time is now for you to become part of the excitement, the belonging, the global vision, and love for education that we all share! There are conferences, and then there’s CUE. One of the best investments you can make in life is in yourself. Make Fall CUE that investment for 2020 and beyond.

I’ll be there, and I’m coming ready to pour into the minds and touch the hearts of everyone in my sessions. I’ll see you there! Make no mistake. This is a date with destiny! This is Fall CUE!

Virtual Fall CUE Registration – October 22-26

Virtual Fall CUE registration is OPEN and just $79! Prepare for school with hundreds of sessions from the best edtech presenters in education! Schools around the country are looking to find ways to manage teaching online or in a blended setting. Fall CUE is the virtual conference bringing thought-leadership discussions and best practices on all things pedagogy, blended and online teaching strategies, and edtech tools!

About Vernon Wright

Vernon Wright is an entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and consultant. He has over 15 years of experience working in large, urban school districts and has served in the roles of teacher, teacher leader, campus leadership team member, and district-level support.

Vernon has shared his experiences as a veteran speaker numerous times over the years at the campus, district, regional, state level, and beyond garnering acclaim and accolades from recognized industry leaders and colleagues. He has even impacted educators on a global scale with his message reaching people from countries such as Croatia, Qatar, India, and the continent of Africa through the Global Ed Tech Academy sponsored by Microsoft EDU and CUE Inc.

Vernon has brought his unique style and combination of insight, storytelling, experience, humor, authenticity, and epiphanies to audiences for years.  He knows that real change begins when we’re engaged in the learning and that we must create a vision for our future impact.

Vernon has an established presence on Twitter and other social media (@TheWrightLeader), and he unabashedly stands as a voice for the people with zero apologies. He is committed to a life of elevating others by way of his message informing minds and touching hearts around the globe.

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