You have skills. We have events.

If you’re looking to get more involved in the CUE Community as a new presenter or if you are already presenting at an upcoming event, you’re in the right place.


Let us help YOU present at #FallCUE & #SpringCUE with ease!

Explore presenter resources that include suggestions for promoting, setting up, and evaluating your sessions at the CUE Conferences,

Concurrent Sessions

You have one hour to engage your audience, provide them with new skills, and inspire lasting change. How will they make the most of their time with you? 

Poster Sessions

You have two hours to share your passion project with anyone willing to stop by an listen. How will you get them to stop by and chat?


You have two hours to build the case for your topic, provide action steps, and give people a space to play and apply new skills. How will they manage their time?

Find inspiration from your CUE Community!

Your OnCUE Social Media Champs are busy curating resources and telling the stories of CUE members on a weekly basis. Read some of our recent posts, and reach out to us if you’d like to share your own story.

CUE Lead Learners really walk the talk!

Our CUE Lead Learner Program is the premier community of CUE professional learning leaders, including classroom teachers, instructional coaches, TOSAs, and administrators who not only share their passion and resources with their CUE community, but extend their reach far beyond.

If you’re interested in finding our more about becoming a CUE Lead Learner, visit the CUE Lead Learners page or post your question below. We’re always looking for new talent!

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