There are so many categories of Podcasts to choose from. You can listen to the news, political, true crime stories, historical, lifestyle, celebrity interviews, gardening, money management, education, technology and just about anything else you can think of.

In California, there is a San Quentin inmate, Walter “Earlonne” Woods, who is the co-host of the podcast ‘Ear Hustle‘, whos “path to freedom was podcasting.” The Ear Hustle Podcast is a podcast about life in San Quentin that has over 20 million downloads worldwide and Woods is not only the co-host he is also the co-producer. California prisoners can earn parole by showing they are rehabilitated, that could include becoming a pastor, a drug counselor or even a world-famous podcaster!

We as educators can use podcasting as an educational tool, we can create content and better yet our students can create content. Podcasting is a tool that sparks emotions and creativity in those who create it and those who listen. Podcasting can impact listeners and those who create them, in ways we can only imagine, just like Woods. Why not try podcasting in your classroom today and let us know what amazing creations are being produced and how they are impacting your students!

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Here are a few articles about Woods and the Ear Hustle Podcast:

San Quentin Inmate Behind Popular Podcast ‘Ear Hustle’ Is Released From Prison After Sentence Is Commuted, But Show Will Go On (KTLA)

‘Ear Hustle’ podcast explores life inside San Quentin State Prison



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