In the spirit of multimedia creativity, we are working to spice up the look, feel, and content of our CUE Blog and OnCUE Journal. We want to take this opportunity to officially announce some new contributors to the CUE voice across our CUE website and social media.

Drumroll please…

First up, we want you to meet Cori Orlando, CUE’s official Blogger!

Coi Orlando

Cori works as a TOSA in Simi Valley Unified School District in Southern California. She describes herself simply as “Mother, teacher, TOSA, encourager of others.” Who doesn’t need more of that in their lives? Cori is stepping up to help develop more blog posts and short articles highlighting hot topics, great member accomplishments, and opportunities to connect with other educators as well as amplify the voices of others. She is an enthusiastic CUE Rock Star attendee and presenter, and she already has a killer blog that you can check out at here! Cori can often be spotted taking half-face selfies around different CUE events and is often found chatting away about all-things education on Twitter. We are so lucky to have Cori’s voice in our midst!

Next, we want to officially introduce Brian Briggs and Ryan O’Donnell as the first ever CUE Podcast Team!

Ryan and BrianBrian works as the Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology in Plumas Lake, CA, but he started his EDU career as a kindergarten teacher. If you have spent any time with Brian, you quickly pick up on his kind nature, friendly laugh, and encouraging vibe. Brian is a generous CapCUE Board member who also digs robotics and STEAM enough to spend way too much money on gadgets and gizmos. But lucky for us, he shares all his learning!! Which brings us to his “brother-from-another-mother,” Ryan O’Donnell. Ryan works as a Technology TOSA and Media Teacher in Rocklin, CA. Also on the CapCUE Board, Ryan brings his burly sense of humor to every endeavor he takes on. When Ryan walks in the door (or on the air), you know it. These two EDUknuckleheads have been entertaining us with this Check This Out podcast for over a year, and now we are happy to say that they are #poweredbyCUE. Welcome to the inner-workings, boys!

Sarah ThomasFinally, a CUE member that needs no introduction… Sarah Thomas!! Sarah will serve as CUE’s first Multimedia Mastermind!

Sarah works as Regional Technology Coordinator in Prince Georges County, MD. She is also the founder and Chief Excitement Office (I just made that up!) of EduMatch, a “worldwide community of educators who learn and grow together.” Sarah comes with extensive experience in video production and is a fabulous fit to bring her passion and connections to the CUE Community. Whether she is hosting a podcast, writing a book, or walking down the halls of an amazing professional learning conference, Sarah is quick with a warm smile and infectious laugh. I still can’t believe we get to work closely with Sarah on a regular basis!

To say we are excited about the addition of these incredible educators to our CUE family is not nearly enough! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of featured blog posts, original podcasts, member interviews, and lots of celebrating in the best CUE way. We are THRILLED and look forward to the diverse dialogue, belly laughs, and many ah-hahs!

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