rates as affordable as $120 per teacher per day

Professional Training

There’s always more to learn. CUE is a non-profit educational organization that offers custom professional training for school districts in groups from 25 to as large as 1000.

More than 50,000 educators trained in the past five years

CUE offers innovative and engaging professional development for teachers and administrators. For years, CUE custom trainings have averaged +90% approval from the educators.

CUE Lead Learners are active practitioners who often hold multiple education badges (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe) and lead professional trainings multiple times per year with a focus on a hands-on learning delivery style, so that learners gain skills, not just inspiration.

With rates as affordable as $120 per teacher per day – CUE provides very high-quality professional development at a very low cost, with maximum educational impact.

Value Added

CUE professional training is available at any size school or district, customized to the needs of the local educators and offered locally. CUE professional learning is focused on “upskilling” educators in the areas of pedagogy and the seamless use of technology.

The Numbers Speak

Educators using CUE Craft Techniques are experiencing massive academic growth

A first-year teacher grew her CAASP scores FOUR fold by using a CUE Craft/Eduprotocols pedagogy.

Case Study

Following a pilot of the Black Label Rock Star professional development in 2016 in the Portola Valley School District for 32 teachers the initiative was expanded in 2017-18 to five districts.  Numbers of participants were: 29 teachers, Portola Valley School District; 239 teachers, Simi Valley USD; 184 middle and high school teachers, 22 administrators and 20 ELD teachers, Turlock; 16 administrators, 75 teachers and 9 teachers on special assignment, Union School District; and 8 teachers in the Val Verde School District for total of 634 educators, to dat

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CUE has been delivering high quality Google Suite training for nearly a decade across the US and internationally. CUE’s Google Workshop can be customized to train teachers or admins in the effective use of the Google Suite for education or productivity.

Districts can save millions by de-emphasizing the use of textbooks and workbooks to deliver state standards-based instruction. But how can districts transition their teachers off of the “worksheet of the day mentality”?

Bring a CUE Conference to your district and get the best in professional learning at a far less expensive price than sending your teachers to faraway events.

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Hands-on. High energy. Skills-based. Highly social. Career changing. CUE Rock Star Camps have been the best PD available for almost a decade, impacting thousands of educators at all levels. Super affordable and held all over the state – CUE Rock Star Camps are for teachers who want to take their teaching up a level.

Testimonials From Our participants

The department went up 41.3 points and we are 62.1 points above standard! Our students with disabilities went up 50.8 points! Our minorities and socio-economically disadvantaged went up a ton too. Can’t wait to see what next year’s report says!

Scott Nunes

I’ve been using EduProtocols since August 2018. It has really been “teacher-life changing.” Planning is easier and lessons more meaningful.

The growth and confidence in my students is AMAZING! My 5th graders are ready to tackle anything. they request, iterate, and combine EduProtocols. I am in awe of them.

Kimberly Voge

Even with the break, we can get better! #FastandCurious #Eduprotocol version of #mathreps from models of fractions. First rep class average = 53%. Diagnosis: challenge problems, students explain thinking. Second rep = 80%! Kids go to rally, teacher is happy at the growth!

Jeremiah Ruesch