“What needs to be done to inspire more teachers?” asks Alex Bockert in a recent blog post entitled, How Did I Miss Out? 

Creating thought-provoking photo booth props for #sdcue – tweet by Alex Bockert

In one short blog post, Alex has captured the essence of CUE. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure that all teachers learn so that they can bring their passions, interests, curiosities, and growing skill-sets to their students.

We will put on regional affiliate events. We will stay up late on a Wednesday to prepare a newsletter or compose a blog post. We will hold small-, medium-, and large-scale district events throughout the state. We will offer on-demand professional learning. We will listen to podcasts, tweet, post, interview, and present at every opportunity because if we help even one teacher, we can rest assured we are helping at least 30 students… and that matters.

Alex reflects on a recent San Diego CUE event:

I watched all of you laugh, share, learn, and simultaneously grow in the 60 seconds I spent in every room. I watched passion shine through the faces of presenters and the ah-ha! moments of the listeners. I watched all of this and I couldn’t help but ask myself, where were these teachers when I went to school?

Alex — we are working on this. For you and for all the other students who desperately need a different atmosphere and approach to learning. You deserve it, and so do your teachers.

Check out Alex’s blog, Rose Covered Beauty, and make sure to connect with her on Twitter.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Alex, for the goosebumps you gave me after reading this post. We all need to take a moment and ask the right questions.

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