CUE would like to announce Kid Booms at Fall CUE in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento) on Saturday, October 19th!

Kid Booms are three-minute presentations by students (in grades K-12) – who go on as a SINGLE presenter. Think “mini-TED Talk.” Students use a template (see below) and only need to make about eight slides.

CUE Kid Booms are a chance for students to share their voice with regards to how they feel about school. What they like, dislike, and how they can change it. We are looking for teachers in the Sacramento area to share student awesomeness today!

We will be accepting approximately 10-12 students. We’d like at least 3-4 schools to be represented.

For inspiration, you can see last year’s Booms here:

For access to the Kid Boom slide deck click here:

Thanks for submitting! We’ll be notifying you via email soon with more information on how to submit. For now, you can start working on the template provided with your student or students. 

For all the good fill out the info at

Teachers of students will get a free registration to Fall CUE!

For more info you can reach out to @cogswell_ben on Twitter. 

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