There are many online quiz platforms out there, and Quizizz is one of our favorites. Free and easy to use, you can search for a quiz to give as is, modify, or create your own in a flash. Students don’t need accounts, and they can play live on any device or use Homework Mode to participate asynchronously. Grading is done “automagically” so you save time. (Keep your reports in the dashboard on the website or download the spreadsheets.) Use Quizizz as part of the Fast and Curious eduprotocol, and your kids will achieve mastery in practically no time.

One of the reasons students love Quizizz is that it is entertaining. After each question, students are shown a meme, a funny image like this one letting them know whether they got the question right or wrong. There are several meme sets to choose from. What makes Quizizz extra special is the ability to create your own custom memes. You can include yourself, a cartoon of yourself, your class mascot, or any images that you think your class will enjoy.

To create and use custom memes, all you need to do is create a new meme set, then add and save your images. As you upload each image, you will be able to crop it, add text, and get it just the way you want. Once you have a full set (they recommend 10 images for correct answers and 10 for incorrect ones), save it. Your meme set will then be ready for use next time you use Quizizz. Simply select it at the bottom when you are assigning the work. You can make multiple custom meme sets, so you can have different ones for different classes, sections, or content areas. If you need more help to create your custom memes, there are specific directions and some how to videos on this page.

Summer break is the ideal time to take pictures of yourself to use in custom meme sets. Have fun with them! Here are some examples I created.

custom meme examples

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