What does winning the CUE Emerging Teacher of the Year Award mean to you?

Winning this award is an incredible honor! I was so grateful that my team recognized my efforts within educational technology and nominated me (shout-out to Darin and Brandon!). The other award winners are amazing, impactful, and accomplished educators, so I am truly honored to be selected.

Tell me about your position at Beacon Park School and what you like most about being a teacher?

I teach 4th grade at Beacon Park School. We are a brand new school so there are so many opportunities to be innovative and try new things. My students are what I like best about being a teacher. I love their optimism, creativity, and kind hearts.

Why did you choose to become an educator?

I had some amazing elementary school teachers when I was a student. They were passionate and made me love coming to school each day. I decided to become an educator so I could hopefully have that impact on my own students.

What is the biggest challenge facing California schools today and how can it be overcome?

That is a tough question! I would say that personally, my biggest struggle has been connecting regularly with all 34 of my students. I really enjoy working in small groups and talking with kids one on one. I know we would all appreciate smaller class sizes!

When did you join CUE and why?

I joined CUE in my first year of teaching. One of my mentors invited me to CUE 2016 and I have been hooked ever since! I love the consistent, positive connection between CUE members via social media and in person.

Where does CUE need to grow?

CUE is an amazing organization and they do such a great job in organizing their conferences and events. At CUE 2019, I would love to see more presenters speaking on technology integrated with specific content areas, so educators can make connections to their own classrooms.

Where are you from and what do you like to do in your limited spare time?

I’m from Orange County, California, so of course, I love the beach and Disneyland. I also enjoy traveling and cooking with my husband, Collin.

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