The Makerspace movement has been sweeping through the education world over the last few years.  Many images of these Makerspaces have been populating Pinterest and making appearances at conferences, but does everyone fully understand their purpose?

Recently, Jennifer Gonzalez from The Cult of Pedagogy, shared a blog post and podcast called “What is the Point of a Makerspace?” In the post, Jennifer describes a lack of initial clarity with these spaces and their general purpose within education.

Jennifer brings in a good friend and expert in Makerspaces, John Spencer, a former classroom teacher turned author and now online instructor of Project Based Learning, Design Thinking and Makerspaces.  John gives a detailed explanation of the purpose of Makerspaces and the benefits these spaces have on student learning.  How does a Makerspace look and function in different disciplines within education, what goes into a space and the management of the Makerspace.  Most importantly, John takes a deep dive into how to start a Makerspace within your own classroom and beyond.  To find out more details on their discussion and what are Makerspaces, head over to the article and podcast on The Cult of Pedagogy.

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