By Jena Montgomery

The transition to distance learning has been really hard on some but for others like Mallory Trevino, a teacher at North Mesquite High School in Mesquite, Texas, it’s not been so bad.

What’s the key to her success?

She was an avid user of Pear Deck before this pandemic and has found new and innovative ways to utilize the tool now that she can’t see her students face to face. Ms. Trevino knew that her students were familiar with the features of Pear Deck because she used it daily in class, and she wanted to make sure she was doing what she could to relieve some of the stress she knew her students had to be feeling. So, she got to work! She decided to use Pear Deck, not only as a way to make her informational slides interactive but also as a vessel for her week’s lessons.

Ms. Trevino starts each deck with a welcome page, a fun video, and an interactive slide.

Welcoem slide in Pear Deck

Next, she takes a “temperature check” of her students to assess their social-emotional wellbeing.

She also provides “Expectations and Suggested Timeline” slides for her students.

Setting Expectations in Pear Deck Slide

Suggested Timeline Pear Deck Slide

Ms. Trevino says that the beauty of using Pear Deck is that she can see exactly how many students have logged in to view the assignment, where she couldn’t see that information in Google Classroom.

She has also developed a great system for tracking her students’ progress. She keeps track of how many slides are missing a response and has a percentage formula set up to give students a grade based on the number of completed slides, as well as a checklist for any assessments or assignments she has linked inside the deck.

Pear Deck Slide Tracker

Finally, Ms. Trevino has a working Google sheet for her students to check and see what assignments they are missing. She links the Pear Decks they are missing to the cell so students have easy access back to the Deck without having to go search for it in Google Classroom.

Pear Deck has the ability to transform the way we deliver content, teach our students, and check on their well being in ways we could have never imagined. Ms. Trevino has the highest percentage of students turning in quality work and passing grades out of the school. This can be attributed to the fact that she has fostered wonderful relationships with her students all year long and has carried those relationships into distance learning, utilizing the power of Pear Deck to keep moving her students forward.

author headshotBy Jena Montgomery

A 15-year veteran in Texas education, Jena Montgomery has spent her last three years as an Instructional Technology Coach at Mesquite ISD in Mesquite, TX. Jena is a Google Certified Trainer, Apple Teacher and Pear Deck Certified Coach.

Find Jena on Twitter @jenamontgomery.

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