so long and thanks for all the fishI was brought on to be the editor of the CUE blog two and a half years ago. Over the last two and a half years I’ve been exposed to fantastic teaching ideas, great learning opportunities, and have made some great friends. Assuming we published one post a week for my entire tenure, that’s about 130 posts about edtech, pedagogy, conferences, robots, coding, making, and anything else in between, from who knows how many different authors. It was a joy to read what so many educators have to say and to help them share their word to the world. I definitely stole a bunch of ideas from the posts I was lucky enough to edit, and those ideas made my classroom a better place for my students. So thank you for that.

As a final lap I thought I’d look back on a few of the things I’ve written in this space and share them one more time. Good edtech writing will last through the evolution of tools and changing philosophies, and I hope that’s what I’ve done here.

Thanks again for reading, for writing, for chiming in, and for being a part of the education conversation. Five card stud, nothing wild. Sky’s the limit.

doug robertson with unicornDoug Robertson was the CUE Blog Editor and a twelfth-year teacher currently talking at fifth graders in Northern Oregon. He’s taught in California, Hawaii, and Oregon in 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades. He’s the author of three books about education, He’s the Weird Teacher, THE Teaching Text (You’re Welcome), and A Classroom Of One, one novel, The Unforgiving Road, and is an active blogger. Doug speaks at teaching conferences including CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps, presenting on everything from technology to teaching philosophy (or teaching The Weird Way, to use his words).  Doug is also the creator and moderator of #WeirdEd on Twitter, which happens every Wednesday at 7pm PST.

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