A Message from CUE Executive Director Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez

Dear CUE Members,

The past week has brought the spotlight to racial injustices that often go unseen. We are all impacted by the events unfolding around us and share in the range of emotions being felt across our nation and the world.

CUE stands for equity and inclusion as core to the mission of our work and who we are. Education and social justice are inextricably linked. As such, CUE will continue to amplify the voices and expertise of our members and friends who lead the way in breaking down racial barriers. CUE will continue to amplify the voices and expertise of our members who are working to transform the education system into one that closes the opportunity gaps that exist for so many of our students and colleagues.

We will lead with love and open conversation. We will lead with a focus on resources that bring comprehensive inclusion of materials that are reflective of who we are across race and culture. Will we need help in this along the way? I’m sure we will.

CUE is called as a community to bring our very best selves to each other, to give grace during times of anger, heartache, and exhaustion. As a community, we are part of the solution. We are here to lead with you, the CUE educator, who believes in equity for all of our students, our families, and our colleagues.

In hope and peace.


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