Sample Bylaws Template

Easily Adaptable

Planning your affiliate bylaws, tweaking them or other bylaw business. CUE had approved a bylaw template that will help int hat process. Use this template as a starter to build are change your current bylaws. No need to start from scratch!

Event Planning Resource

Get started Planning

What this Event Planning Guide attempts to do is capture some of the main planning topics and provide guidance for those affiliates hoping to conduct some of these types of events for their members.

Get Your Taxes Done

DUe November 15th

Important for treasurers’ s of affiliates. Plan your taxes with this great resource with how to, links and due dates. Stay in good standing by getting taxes filed by the November 15th due date each year for that fiscal year.

New Volunteers?

Get up to speed

New to the board or an affiliate? This resource will help with the onboarding process. Get familiar with some items needed to get you started as a new volunteer and board member.

Submit Your Events Today!

As you have your meetings and schedule your events, submit them here so that CUE can post on the page for all to see.