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Affiliate Elections

Affiliate Elections

Liz Hoppe from Gold Coast CUE shares how to schedule and manage elections with some great ideas. Liz walks you through her process of checking your bylaws, planning the election, gathering nominees, and communication before and after the election. 


Event Planning

Event Planning

Kevin Fairchild (SDCUE) and Jason Seliskar (CUE & SGVCUE) share about all the considerations needed in your planning for your large and smaller events. Ranging from planning the logistics to eventually to the big day. Even the items to be ready for on the big day!


Eduscrum Team Planning

Team Planning

Christian Wandeler from Eduscrum and Ed Campos (CVCUE) shares how the CVUCE learned how to effectively manage their team. An innovative instructional method where students are working in self-managing teams and make their learning visible. Students and teachers develop an agile mindset. This method can be applied to Affiliate Leadership as well. Learn more at eduscrumusa.com

Virtual Events

Virtual Event Planning

Ed Campos and Susan Stewert (CVCUE) share about how they decided to create a virtual event. CVCUE in three weeks planned a virtual event that attracted an international audience drawing 1200+ attendees to their event. Ed and Susan share some ideas, planning and other information to help you think about planning a virtual event. 

Event Series – Workshop Style

Series Events – Coffee Breaks

David Platt and James Kosako chat with Jason Seliskar how the three-hour workshop-style event has worked for SGVCUE. Coffee Breaks are led by one facilitator as a hands experience for attendees. Learn how you can add this to your event lineup! 

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and Social Media

Jon Corippo and Mercedes Maskalik (CUE) share their Top 5 marketing tips and tricks during this on-demand session to help you promote your next event and expand your reach when marketing your event. 

Unconference Events

Unconference Event Planning

Jay Sorensen (Gold Coast CUE) shares the difference between traditional events and the unconference model event that provides professional development in a fun and unique way where participants drive the sessions and discussions. No one is smarter than the room!