Affiliate New Leader Tips

Monthly Membership Reports

Currently, CUE sends membership lists to the person designated by each affiliate each month. That way, you can reach out to those whose memberships for different messaging. You can use these to reach out and schedule meetups or invite them to attend a formal meeting during the event. Also, you don’t have to just rely on the membership lists. Combine your contacts from these lists with your local registrations. Not all educators who attend affiliate events are CUE members. 


Affiliate Agreement

Help us help you! To maintain our nonprofit status, the Annual Affiliate Agreement must be signed by June 15th to receive your affiliate’s share of membership dues and remain a CUE affiliate. We ask your official representative to read through the agreement, complete the required information and digitally sign it to complete this requirement. We do this to make sure our information is up to date. Info at


CUE Board Liason

You’re not alone! Every CUE Affiliate  has a Board liaison to connect with you, answer questions and assist you in your work. Your Board liaison may be different from year to year. Add them to your mailing list, along with CUE’s Director of Affiliate Engagement. (remember to remove the prior liaison) They really DO want to know what’s going on, and often have suggestions for issues you may be facing. Not sure you know who your liaison is? Contact Jason Seliskar at

Any Questions? 

Do you still have questions regarding conducting Affiliate business? Feel free to contact Jason Seliskar at if you have questions regarding any process or procedure for Affiliates. (i.e. how to request your complimentary registration for Fall or Spring CUE, how to let us know you are having an event coming up by visiting the page and submit your event details)


Affiliate Event Tips

Event Planning Guide

Did you know there is an Event Planning Guide for your use when planning all different types of affiliate events? Plan small events like a Coffee Break that are 3-hr workshops. Single facilitator that focuses on one topic. These tend to attract 30-40 attendees. Focus on small events like these, CoffeeCUEs etc and build that contact list to build into a lager event. The idea is to provide opportunities to learn throughout the year and not a one big-time event. 


Invite CUE to Your Event!

Invite CUE to your Affiliate event. We can bring a complimentary CUE Conference registration raffle prize. All we ask is a table to distribute materials and a few minutes in front of your attendees if you would like. Complete the Affiliate Event Alert at to alert CUE of your event.


Invite Superintendents! 

Want to bring a higher level of prestige to your event? Offer free registration to any Superintendent from the region. Have board or planning committee members contact their office a few weeks prior and invite them to attend as your guest. You could also invite the local County Superintendent to welcome attendees personally up on stage. If you pull this off correctly, they will see the outstanding learning opportunity that your event provides, and they might even be more supportive of requests in the future!



Partner with Another Affiliate

Partner with other local educational non-profits or other affiliates to co-produce your event. This will extend your reach, broaden your relevance and further demonstrate that technology and innovation in education aren’t just ‘one more thing’ to add to busy teachers’ lives. It’s an integrated approach to the use of technology, just as we hope to see in our schools. This can be quite a daunting task, however – so do not approach this suggestion lightly. All partnerships have their challenges, expectations and limitations, so you’ll need to think through any such merging with caution. But there’s a lot to be gained if it works!


Event Insurance

Some host sites for Affiliate events may require you to carry insurance for your event. Usually, this is a $1 to $2 million dollar policy that indemnifies them against anything that might happen involving an attendee and/or their property while you are on campus. You must establish your own insurance policy – you cannot use CUE, Inc.’s. 



Communication Tips

Social Media

Social media is clearly a part of our world.  If you haven’t already, set up a Facebook page, twitter account or Instagram and maybe even a LinkedIn group specific to your group. Assign a volunteer to manage one or more of these as a part of their volunteer service to the org. You can even host free professional development events using Google hangouts, Skype or Zoom to engage your members online. 


Spread the Word!

When communicating to your group, be sure to ask them to spread the word within their own networks (social, or otherwise). The best way to ensure that this happens is to provide your members with an easy to copy/paste message pre-written with few (if any) required personalizations. Be careful about pronouns and other contextual giveaways. Make the message audience-generic, but detail-specific. You may actually want to provide two versions, one a moderately sized blurb, and one 280 characters or less in length for easy retweeting. You do have a twitter account, right? 


New Attendee Outreach

Reaching new potential attendees to Affiliate events can be difficult – we often resort to reaching out to the same members over and over again. Many affiliates have found great success in reaching out to private or public schools to make them aware of the event. Usually, the first step is finding a school leader to serve on your board, the planning committee, or even to host the event. These leaders have well-established communication networks to leverage your communication and outreach for what you as the affiliate does and the events you hold. Reach out to the leaders that make the decisions on Professional Development.