Maximize Teaching and Learning through Technology

A CUE/CETPA Joint Ed Tech Review provides a unique blend of experience for school districts.

CUE, as the ISTE and iNACOL affiliate for California and Nevada, the producer of the Google Teacher Academy and CUE Rock Star Teacher and Admin Camps, has a unique and deep perspective for what students and educators need in their classrooms.

CETPA provides information, industry partnership, advocacy, and legal resources for the IT Professionals working in schools and manages the California chapter for the CoSN. Together, these two organizations provide valuable perspective for LEAs needing guidance for the effective and safe use of technology in schools.

The JET Review Team will assess the school infrastructure as it relates to academic needs at district school sites. The team will assess all the MDF and IDF cabinets, server rooms as well as observe and report on the use of tech in classrooms via Ed Tech Rounds. Your district will receive a complete report and all the raw data from the surveys and observations.


A JET review team consists of two Lead Learners for a minimum of two days:

  • A Senior Level Educational Leader – tasked with coordinating Ed Tech rounds data collection, moderating the various stakeholder groups and collaborating on the final JET report.
    Example Ed Leader: Jon Corippo (Former County Assistant Superintendent, County IT Director, former HS principal, former District IT Director, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher)
  • Senior Level K-12 Technology Professional – tasked with reviewing the district’s infrastructure and network systems. (The JET Review team has multiple top Tech Professionals to choose from, references upon request)
  • The JET Review was an outstanding experience for our district.  It provides what is unfortunately so rare in edtech: knowledgeable personnel, in depth analysis and no agenda!  The JET team engaged all stakeholders and provided our community with the unbiased perspective we needed to move forward. One year later we have a fully upgraded network and Future Ready instruction to challenge our students!

    Dr. Steven Kellner - Superintendent, West Sonoma School District

  • Being new to my district, I asked for a JET Review to get a better picture of my current network and future technology planning. When the JET Review was complete, I was given a thorough overview of our educational and information technology environments. Our JET Review helped me write my three-year tech plan, and with a recent bond measure passage, we now implementing of JET Review recommendations. Our school district made these advancements within 2-3 months of our JET Review:
    — Went from 11 school-specific Wi-fi SSIDs to three standardized district-wide SSIDs
    — Saved $100k+ by switching Managed Network Service Companies
    — Implemented training programs for the IT staff - never been done before at our district
    — We went from a $9K/year hardware/appliance filter to a $3k/year cloud-based filter
    — We moved to a .org email from a K12.CA.US domain|
    — Transitioned to 100% GAFE from Outlook/Exchange
    — Targeted and secured a BIIG2.0 HSN grant

    Lisa Delapo - Director of Technology, Lafayette Union School District

  • The JET Review provided us with an extremely valuable review of our current status and ability to engage students along with recommendations on possible next steps to take us from good to great! The reviewers' vast experience and their ability to share the message in a positive but honest and useful manner helped move us on the right path. Having tiered recommendations are extremely helpful.

    Parvin Ahmadi, Superintendent Castro Valley Unified School District

School districts invest millions in network infrastructure, classroom devices, and student devices. The JET Review Team will maximize the performance and efficiency of these systems for any district.

The JET Review process leverages the Future Ready framework.

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The JET Review process leverages the ISTE Essential Conditions framework.

The JET Review process is a co-production of:

CUE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational corporation founded in 1978. CUE’s goal is to inspire innovative learners in all disciplines from preschool through college. With an active current membership of thousands of educational professionals, CUE supports many regional affiliates and Learning Networks. CUE Conferences are California’s premier educational technology events. CUE is the largest organization of its type in the west and one of the largest in the United States.

CETPA is an association of Educational Technology Professionals (technologists) within the State of California. Founded in 1960, the major emphasis of the association’s activities are directed towards improving Administrative Information Processing in public education within the State of California and to prepare its membership to better meet and support the technological needs of the Instructional Program. CETPA is a California non-profit corporation, 501(c)6.

For more information and pricing, contact the CUE Chief Innovation Officer:
Jon Corippo