Brand new episode of TOSAs Talking Tech, covering part three in the series “How to Start a Podcast.”  Tom and Mike

talk about the setting up and recording of a podcast, what to use to record, where do you record to, and how do you talk to yourself and make it sound good.  For more information on starting your podcast, you can hear part one in Episode 75.

Tom and Mike also went to #CUEBOLD Symposium 2018 and just can’t stop talking about the mind-blowing and perspective changing experience they had.  Here to sort it all out and talk about the behind the scenes magic is #CUEBOLD Director, Lindsey Blass!  Take a peek behind the curtain and maybe some insight as to what comes next!  “Thanks for joining us Lindsey!”

They also go over some upcoming affiliate events, like SGVCUE Innovation Celebration, CAPCUE Tech Fest, Gold Coast CUE Techtober, and Nevada CUE Silver State Tech Conference.  Check out the show notes for links to present and get more information.

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