Everyone loves Google Slides. They are free, device agnostic, and easy to use for a variety of purposes. They have all the collaborative power of Google. You can even add to the default theme options by importing free themes from Slidescarnival.com or similar sites. Of course, you can use Slides to make slideshows, but you may not know just how many creative options they offer.

Enter Tony Vincent. He recently posted this article on Getting Creative with Google Slides explaining how you can go easily go beyond the basics and make the most of this application. From finding and customizing images to new uses for drop shadow formatting to creating flow charts and printing your own custom sticky notes, you won’t believe how much you can do with this presentation tool.

Can’t find an icon you like? Create your own from an image. Want to choose your own adventure? Slides is the perfect tool. Looking to publish a newsletter? Feel like making an animated GIF out of your slides? Tony will show you how. One of our favorite ideas was using the custom gradient tool to fill in shapes or create unique backgrounds with the colors of your choice. Tony suggests using the uiGradients visualizer to see what various color combinations will look like (and wisely cautions against gradient overuse).

So avoid summer slide (see what we did there?) and check out Tony’s article, Getting Creative with Google Slides. You’ll be glad you did.

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