Grants & Partnerships

CUE is a nonprofit organization that focuses on collaborative efforts to support educators throughout California.

CUE’s Mission is to help educators transform teaching by connecting educators with ideas, resources, and each other to use technology to prepare all students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

CUE envisions a future in which all students have access to technology-empowered learning that prepares them to solve real problems, seize opportunities, and improve their communities and the world.

CUE's Grant Program

Grant funding allows CUE to partner with a wide range of organizations and give back to communities in need. Our outreach includes focusing on underrepresented and underserved student populations, educators whose districts may not have adequate budgets to support their professional development needs, and our newly developed professional development series that includes assistance for parents.


CUE firmly believes that we can transform teaching by connecting educators and increase the use of technology in preparation for student success. In today’s day and age, it has become abundantly clear that technological literacy is no longer an option but a necessity so that our students can function within today’s fast-paced society. By partnering with Grantor organizations, CUE can bring forth its resources to students, educators, and the community at large in support of education-technology learning and growth. Every student deserves an equal opportunity to learn and, in the same respect, everyone deserves an equal opportunity to use technology to learn.


CUE continuously seeks Grantors that enable collaborative partnerships to transform the education-technology field. We envision a future in which all students have access to technology-empowered learning. Furthermore, through the grants we receive, we can bring greater access to our resources to communities at large. All students, all educators, and all community members deserve equal access to learn and equal access to technology. CUE invites all like-minded organizations to join us in making this vision a reality.


Should you have any questions or wish to partner with CUE as a Grantor organization, kindly contact:


Mike Vollmert, Interim Executive Director
(925) 478-3461


Global EdTech Academy

In mid-March 2020, education shifted. The global coronavirus pandemic fully disrupted the classic paradigm known as “school.” In a sense, every teacher became a first-year educator, rapidly developing new skills, trying to engage their students, and struggling with an overload of new applications, tools, and workflows in a highly-compressed time frame –unlike anything seen in modern times.

Paradoxically, the classic professional development model of face-to-face training was also nearly 100% shutdown at exactly the same moment. The educators’ need was the greatest in history, and right at that exact same moment – support was nearly eliminated.

It was imperative to make professional development more available and more customized than ever before. CUE and Microsoft partnered on the Global EdTech Academy.

Sessions focused on providing resources, training, and expertise to help schools, educators, students, and their families navigate distance learning with Microsoft Tools. Over the course of 18 weeks, hundreds of sessions were offered – all of them recorded and FREE for educators to view online. Some of the featured presenters included the likes of Matt Miller, Holly Clark, Ken Shelton, Michael Cohen, and Sara Thomas, Brett Salakas, Pip Cleaves, Kathi Kersznowski, and many others who provided pedagogical and passion-driven professional development – using the very best of the Microsoft tools available.

Office hours offered live guidance and support to help teachers meet their unique educational needs and objectives, learn about new tools and ideas for implementation, and get specific questions answered.

Master classes featured three sessions on a theme, each with a model lesson to execute in classrooms, with feedback from the session leader.

The Global EdTech Academy reached educators in more than 166 countries! The session library features 185 videos that have been viewed nearly 14,000 times, and counting!

Reimagining the School Field Trip to California State Parks

California is home to some of the country’s most unique and precious cultural, natural, and historic resources, and a new passPORTS online adventure will help make it possible for students from across the state to experience them. The school field trip to California State Parks is being reimagined thanks to a new partnership between California State Parks, Parks California, and Computer-Using Educators (CUE).

The new pilot program, passPORTS, will use a blended access approach that combines quality teaching practices with the latest technology to reduce barriers to park access. Using video-conference technology and web resources, the Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS) program introduces K-12 students to live State Park Interpreters, allowing them to connect their classroom studies within the context of California’s state park system.

With this partnership comes the wonderful opportunity for educators across California and their students to apply and receive a field trip grant to visit a participating California State Park. The goal is to take 4,250 students by the end of the 2021-22 school year. As the Golden State begins to re-open and students return to in-person learning, there’s no better way to have them engage in the geographic, historic, scientific, and cultural experience of California State parks than a field trip!

This enhanced initiative builds on 15-years of successful PORTS programs with a new combination of digital instructional materials for use in the classroom, as well as in-park use, and provides funding to school districts to cover bus and transportation costs, giving students their passPORTS to the Parks.

The goal of the passPORTS program is to provide more students with access to California State Parks through a blended access approach, using both online learning adventures now and in-person field trips. Since introducing blended access to California State Parks for K-12 students in September 2020, the program has more than doubled access to available parks and tripled the impact from previous years. Additionally, park interpreters are connecting digitally with students all across the state, and the program is experiencing increased demand in 2021.