This year’s CUE BOLD Conference kicks off on May 21st for a three-day conference, centered around hybrid teaching and learning.

Joe Marquez, CUE’s Director of Academic Innovation, provides some insight on what educators can expect from a BOLD event. Marquez states, “CUE BOLD allows teachers to experience Blended and Online lessons designed by teachers who are currently practicing in the classroom. This year we are focusing on Hybrid environment lesson design to meet the needs of teachers at the exact moment in time.”

BOLD is unlike other CUE events that are put on throughout the year. Marquez says, “CUE BOLD’s focus is on the art of lesson design and pedagogical practices at the heart of learning. At CUE BOLD the tools are secondary to the activities and engagement practiced incorporated into each lesson. For CUE BOLD we focus on Madeline Hunter’s seven steps of lesson design blended with technology and strategies to amplify student engagement, creativity and voice.”

Attendees can expect great things from this year’s conference. Marquez states, “For Virtual CUE BOLD 2021, you should expect over 50 sessions worth of activities you can use at the beginning of your next week of teaching. This year we decided to focus on Hybrid lesson design to meet teachers needs in this exact moment in time, but you will be given tips on how to adapt these lessons into any learning environment you may encounter in the 2021-22 school year and beyond.”

Among the 50 sessions that are set to take place over the three-day span, CUE is highlighting several Featured Speakers for the event. This line-up includes Sonny Magana, Leticia Citizen, Tory Wadlington, Dr. Toutoule Ntoya, and Kim Voge.

Marquez tells more about this year’s Featured Speakers, “Dr. Sonny Magana will be kicking us off May 21st with a discussion on disrupting the classroom. Sonny is an innovative thinker who has taken his T3 mantra to school districts all over the country. Kim Voge is the current 2021 CUE BOLD Educator of the Year. On Saturday May 22nd, Kim will discuss how she helped create an online school for her district and the innovative ways she kept the engagement alive from a distance. Leticia Citizen, Dr. Toutoule Ntoya and Tory Wadlington will kick off our final day of CUE BOLD on Sunday May 23rd. Leticia, Toutoule, and Tory are amazing educators with a passion to make every student feel empowered. They will light a fire in your hearts on how to give every student a voice and choice in our classrooms.”

CUE BOLD is a conference to get educators energized, excited and inspired for the upcoming school year. Marquez states, “CUE BOLD is the event our teachers have been waiting for. It is packed with over 50 lessons made by teachers who are currently teaching in the hybrid classroom environment. Each session will be recorded and available to all CUE BOLD attendees through July 30th. If you are currently teaching in a Hybrid environment, starting an online school, or plan to return to the classroom using blended learning strategies, this is the conference for you!”

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About Kristin Oropeza
Kristin is a full-time special education teacher, contract consultant, and educational content writer. She is a Google Certified Teacher (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Trainer, and MIE Expert for 2020-2021.