Instructional Technology TOSA Corey Mathias from Garden Grove Unified School District recently shared his “CUE 19” Flipgrid with the Twitter universe and educators have taken to leaving video responses to questions surrounding CUE’s annual Palm Springs event – sharing recommendations for extracurricular activities, sessions of interest, where to get your grub on, and even a section for educators who are new to Spring CUE.

Here’s what Corey had to say about sharing his grid with other educators.

What inspired you to create the “CUE 19” Flipgrid? As Instructional Technology TOSAs, we were trying to figure out a way to support our teachers who would be going to #CUE18 for the first time. We love Flipgrid and figured that we could put together some responses to share with our teachers. We also figured that we could put it out to our PLN and see what they had to say. Through the power of Twitter, we received some great responses and were able to reach a number of other CUE first-timers outside of our district. It was so successful last year that we decided to expand it this year to include an opportunity for presenters to plug their session, as well as food recommendations and activities to do outside the typical day at CUE.

Corey’s “CUE 19” Grid

What do you hope other teachers will take away from this? Spring CUE can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. We would like teachers to not feel isolated. The beauty of Flipgrid is that it makes the responses personal. Hopefully, participants can feel comfortable connecting with their PLN IRL.

What is your one piece of advice to new Spring CUE attendees? Slow down. Don’t try to get to every session. Take time to reflect. Tweet often, create a personal vlog of a session or your day at CUE, use @creativeedtech’s CUE by the numbers template, or take time to talk to the presenter or another participant to reflect on your session. Some of my most powerful learning at CUE has been in the hallway where I have found educators who share some of the same passions I do.

Attendees can get recommendations and find out what’s happening on Corey’s Grid.


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