With the FCC plan to eliminate net neutrality heading toward becoming a formal regulation, opponents are now moving on two fronts.  First, 21 states and the District of Columbia filed suit in federal court to block the FCC’s turnabout. In the Senate, Democrats claim to be near the 51-vote tipping point to block the plan. Second, the Internet Association, which represents such as Netflix, Google, Apple, and Facebook, stepped in for the first time to oppose the switch away from net neutrality.

Xavier Becerra, California’s Attorney General joined the nationwide lawsuit, and issued this statement:

The online world should be preserved against imposed fees and limitations. Internet access is a utility — just like water and electricity.  Net neutrality is a guideline that protects all Internet users.

It should be mentioned that we had intended for CUE sponsored, Assembly Joint Resolution No.7 to support making the Internet a public utility as was done in 1934 for telephone service under the Rural Electrification Act. 

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