Debbie Tannenbaum is a first time attendee and first time presenter at this year’s Spring CUE Conference. Tannenbaum, who is a School Based Technology Specialist and educator of 21 years, will be joining the presenter ranks this March as she talks about technology tools she uses in the classroom.

Debbie Tannenbaum of Virginia will be presenting “Amplifying Thinking Routines using Technology Tools.”

Tannenbaum hails from Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax County in Virginia. An educator with over twenty years of experience, she supports both staff and students in integrating technology tools into instruction through co-teaching sessions, staff learning opportunities, and weekly technology classes. Tannenbaum focuses her work on promoting creativity and critical thinking with students through the use of technology tools. She is a Google Certified Educator (Levels 1 and 2) and a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador. She is an avid blogger and shares her thoughts and reflections on her website, Techy Notes. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram at @TannenbaumTech.

Her session, “Amplifying Thinking Routines using Technology Tools” hopes to introduce attendees to a variety of tools to help educators who are engaging in online and blended learning. Tannenbaum will help attendees discover when and how using technology tools, such as G-Suite, Padlet, Pear Deck, Wixie and Flipgrid can amplify the use of these routines.

She states, “Project Zero’s Thinking Routines promote students’ thinking by taking what students have read or learned about and have them synthesize their thoughts to make their thinking visible. Come to this session and explore their impact on student learning. Empower your learners to new levels as you combine these routines with tech tools.”

Tannenbaum hopes to continue to amplify good practices and routines while showing educators other tools she’s found success with. “I hope attendees will leave my session better understanding what thinking routines are and how technology tools can be paired with them to both amplify student thinking and creation,” Tannenbaum states.

Tannenbaum is excited to be going Spring CUE (virtually!) from the East Coast. “This is my first time presenting at Spring CUE and I am very excited about this opportunity. Spring CUE is known for being an exceptional conference and I am honored to be contributing to that.”

Erika Sandstrom, a Digital Learning Coach/Digital Media Teacher, also hails from the East Coast and will be attending her first Spring CUE this year as well. Sandstrom, from Peabody Public Schools in Massachusetts, has worked in education for 30 years and will be presenting her session on “Cultivating Compassion Through Creativity.”

She continues, “Have you found a curiosity on how to use video lessons in your school or even virtual classroom? Are you CURIOUS on how you may utilize a Green Screen or video production to teach MINDFULNESS and SEL skills? If you answered ‘YES!’, then this session is for YOU! We as educators are always looking for innovative ways to inspire creativity and wonder in our students.”

“We are also in a time in education that SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and incorporating MINDFULNESS in our schools is more important than anything else we teach.”

Erika Sandstrom

Sandstrom states, “I truly believe creativity heals and is a unique journey for each person! I hope all attendees leave my session with a BUNCH of ideas on how they can support student well being through the use of creativity. This session not only is about how to help our students, but will help educators find their own creative outlets to support their well being! The resources and ideas are endless!”

“Sharing my passions of Mindfulness/SEL and how powerful they are to share using the magic of Green Screen technology and creative video production is a dream of mine! Spring CUE allows me the platform to reach and share with so many educators globally! I am also dropping the mic on March 19th for #CUEBoom which is so exciting! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and look forward to connecting with amazing educators!”

Check out Debbie Tannenbaum’s session “Amplifying Thinking Routines Using Technology Tools” on March 25th @ 6pm PST and Erika Sandstrom’s “3..2..1..ACTION! Cultivating Compassion Through Creativity!” on March 27th @ 4pm PST. For more information or to register for the event, visit

About Kristin Oropeza
Kristin is a full-time special education teacher, contract consultant, and educational content writer. She is a Google Certified Teacher (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Trainer, and MIE Expert for 2020-2021.