We are Amber Duran and Lindsay Callihan, 8th grade teachers at Winton Middle School in Winton, California. Last fall we both felt it was time to amp up our teaching and build lessons that we could share with other teachers at our school so we decided to enroll in the CUECUE Digital Innovator Program. What a great decision this was! Not only did we earn professional development units, but we came away with strategies and ideas for integrating technology into our lessons, often the next day following the workshop with the awesome presenters. This program fit our needs by advancing our technology skills and lesson design, yet flexible enough that we could manage the coursework with our busy schedules.  

The CUE Digital Innovator Program transformed us as teachers in so many ways. From learning how to effectively implement Google tools, to creating flexible learning environments for our students as well as engaging with so many cool and amazing apps and Web 2.0 tools we are now a greater asset to our students and colleagues!

5 Ways the IEC Transformed Us as Teachers

  1. Pedagogy before Technology– Pedagogy now comes to the forefront, with technology being an afterthought.  Lessons are created with standards and DOK levels in mind and technology is added in for support.
  2. Personal Learning Network– Exposure is gained on Twitter and Community platforms, where ideas are shared and discussed by various members of the educational field.  Our PLN has expanded outside of our school district and we are able to frequently connect with other educators that teach the same grade level and/or subject to share ideas, strategies, technological tools, and lesson plans.
  3. Teacher Toolbox-CUE Digital Innovator Program provides educators with a vast amount of resources that are readily available.  Classes prepare you to use these tools in your classroom the next day by providing a hands-on experience. An ePortfolio is created to curate all resources from the CUE DI.  

Lindsay’s ePortfolio

Amber’s ePortfolio

  1. Differentiated Educational Philosophies– Courses are designed to encourage the use of various educational philosophies in your classroom such as Constructivism, Cognitivism, and Behaviorism.  We personally enjoyed adding gamification strategies to our curriculum and received many resources to do so. The variation of the use of education philosophies lead the creation of our final project, Moving Through the Middle.
  1. Feedback- A major role in an educator’s growth is learning not only to be able to give but receive and learn from constructive feedback.  The IEC allowed multiple opportunities to review the work of our cohort members, provide them with valuable feedback, receive their feedback, and apply feedback to our lesson designs.


Don’t wait! Register now for the 10th cohort, now known as the CUE Digital Innovator Program beginning April 30, 2018.

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