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Rafranz Davis

There’s Something About Rafranz…

Rafranz Davis has dedicated her career to empowering students and teachers to share their voices throughout their communities and the world. She uses her platform across the edtech ecosystem to advocate for STEM and creative learning through making while simultaneously challenging communities through the lens of digital equity and diversity. Rafranz is a public school administrator for Lufkin ISD, a rural east Texas community, where she serves as its Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning.

She is the 2017 winner of ISTE’s Outstanding Leadership Award and holds countless industry distinctions including: Google Innovator, Adobe Education Leader, TED innovative educator, Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and her proudest, Global Minecraft Mentor.

What’s exciting?

Schools providing opportunities for creativity to students

What is Rafranz “CUE-d Up” to do this year?

Work surrounding Invention Literacy

What’s one tip Rafranz has for viewers?

Do what scares you, and bring those experiences to your students.

Resources Mentioned

TED Talk by Jay Silver, Founder of Makey makey

Invention Literacy (for Students) by Colleen Graves

Invention Literacy Workshop Wrap-Up

Unity Gaming

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