in case you missed itThis week’s #cuechat was focused on being a trailblazer in education. Questions circled around changes teachers would make to their school or the profession that would improve things for the better. One of the more popular answers was making things more student-centered. Many within the chat hit on the importance of student choice and student voice when it comes to education. If we want buy-in, if we want to know what the kids want, we have to ask them and give them the venues and means to communicate their needs.

But the tweet that hit the nail on the head for me was this one from Julie Borgmann.

Naysaying ever gets us anywhere. Teachers love to joke about the negative atmosphere in the teacher’s lounge. But what’s done to change that? The essence of this tweet is, to me, all about confronting issues head-on and strategically. It’s about turning negative statements into positive ones. I realize this is growth mindset, but the way this is put speaks volumes. It’s not about wearing rose-tinted glasses, it’s about seeing the problems and finding ways to fix them.

This is the key to success. Thank you to Julie and everyone else who participated in #cuechat this week.

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