July 1 marks the first day for CUE’s newest board member. Joining the board for a three-year term is Traci Bonde from Silicon Valley CUE.

Traci has been actively involved with CUE and has served on the boards of two CUE affiliates. An educator for more than 20 years, Traci is the Technology Project Manager for Campbell Union High School District. She has created and delivered professional development to teachers using cutting-edge methodology throughout her career. “I believe that meeting students where they are is serving them best,” Bonde states. “Teachers that are open to progressive teaching styles are critical to student success.”

In several districts, Traci has participated in establishing strategic plans and has been responsible for projects involving oversight committees, detailed budget management, and forecasting. “My philosophy as a servant leader is meeting staff where they are and offering innovative solutions. I am a huge proponent of supporting students in poverty and the value technology provides assisting in access that can lead to college and opportunities to break the cycle.”

CUE is a dynamic organization committed to being recognized as a leader in educational innovation, dedicated to transforming teaching by connecting educators with ideas, resources, and each other to use technology to prepare all students to succeed in a rapidly changing world. CUE’s commitment, creativity, and strategic partnerships are consistently demonstrated through outstanding conferences, programs, and services. We welcome Traci to the Board as we continue to innovate, evolve, and move forward to support the CUE Community.

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