CUE Rockstar celebrated Math teachers at the Oceanside one-day teacher camp on October 21st. Camp Lead Ed Campos, Jr. was the Head Lead Learner, kicking off the show. The bandmates included math wizards, Matt Vaudrey, Fawn Nguyen, and Kristan Morales. Each of these CUE lead learners brought their best to the Math show, where the real rock stars were the teachers attending on a Saturday!

Administrators Adam Wood and Kate Bennett came from the frozen tundra of Wayzata Public Schools in Minnesota to learn about from Ed Campos, and left with inspiration to try out a new approach to math over the summer with middle school students. Check out their video on our Facebook page and Ed’s GIF tweet of them kicking it with circles in Math class.

CUE rockstar learners were up, moving, and learning in all classes, from 360 degree math with Ed, to standing on a number line using Estimation 180 with Matt Vaudrey, and ziplining Barbies with Kristan Morales.

Fawn Nugyen ( brought out the deeper learning, with Math Talks and Visual Patterns.  

There was even learning at edcamp-style sessions at lunch, with rockstar teachers learning about Flipgrid, Twitter, and using tech wisely with Math.

The best reward for a great Saturday of learning with teachers was to see tweets posted on Monday about trying out lessons they had learned. It really was Make it – Take it – Use it learning!


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