CUE Promotes Net Neutrality, Equitable Internet Access

– Advocacy Efforts Result in Passage of AJR 7 in CA State Legislature –

Walnut Creek, Calif., September 22, 2017 Current Federal efforts to rescind or block regulations and funding that protect equity of technology access and support for schools and homes are of major concern, and CUE, an education nonprofit based in California, is doing something about it. CUE has been working towards promoting net neutrality and Internet access to underserved homes and schools and today announced the success of their efforts – which culminated in the passage of Assembly Joint Resolution 7 (AJR 7) by the California State Legislature. CUE initiated the resolution, which was authored by Assembly Member and Speaker pro-Tem, Kevin Mullin.

Speaker pro Tem Mullin - Net Neutrality, Equitable Internet Access

“We are thrilled that AJR 7 has passed. Its success underscores CUE’s focused advocacy efforts on preserving important programs and policies that insure equal access to the Internet and related technology,” said John Cradler, CUE Legislative Consultant.

AJR 7 urges the President and Congress to protect net neutrality and other important programs.

“In the coming weeks and months, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be debating a variety of issues and it is my hope that AJR 7 will encourage them to seriously discuss the importance of protecting net neutrality, the FCC’s Lifeline Program for low-income consumers and the E-rate program for schools and libraries,” said Kevin Mullins, Speaker pro Tempore. “It is my hope that members of Congress and the FCC Commissioners will work to protect these programs and AJR 7 provides them with ample rationale for their decisions.” The full text of Assemblyman Mullin’s statement on ARJ 7 can be found here.

To access AJR 7, which is now enrolled and chaptered as Resolution 151, click here.

CUE is committed to leading the charge to help bring technology to students in all communities, and has been active with legislative and policy advocacy over the past 25 years.


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CUE is a 501c3 Educational Nonprofit. Ed Tech Professional Development is at the core of CUE’s work. We are passionate believers in advancing student achievement through technology. By providing Ed Tech professional development to schools, districts, and local educators on the infusion of emerging technologies, we can help better prepare students for college and careers ahead.

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