CUE-Supported Educational Technology Resolution and Net Neutrality, and Media Literacy Legislation Passed by the California Assembly and Senate

Assembly Member Tony Thurmond

Assembly Member Tony Thurmond

CUE Sponsored Educational Technology Resolution (ACR 268): On Thursday, August 30th ACR 268, by Assembly Members Tony Thurmond (photo), Kevin Mullin, and Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, passed the California State Assembly Floor and then on Friday, August 31st, the Resolution passed the Senate Floor. This is the Educational Technology Resolution initiated by CUE with support from other education entities.

The CUE Legislative Consultant, John Cradler prepared ACR 268 with input from, the California Department of Education, CUE leadership, and Napa County Superintendent, Barbara Nemko. Assembly Member Tony Thurmond and his staff member, Michael Lucian, did much to move the Resolution to the Assembly Education Committee, Assembly Appropriations, and then to the Floor of both the Assembly and Senate where it passed.

AJR 268 identifies 17 needs, ranging from professional development to technical assistance, that should be made available on an equitable basis to all regions of the State. Many of the needs listed in the Resolution were based on the California Educational Technology Blueprint initiated by State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, in 2011 known as A Blueprint for Great Schools. The major intent of ACR 268 is for the Legislature to encourage the new State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Governor, the State Board of Education, with support from the California Legislature, to move forward with a comprehensive educational technology plan with recommended legislation and funding as needed. The Resolution recommends that:

The Legislature consider education technology of the highest priority and support providing all California educators and students with state of the art technology resources, connectivity, and related support needed to enable the use of technology to expand and optimize instruction and learning opportunities for all students.

provided testimony with other CUE representatives attending to testify

On August 15th, CUE Leadership traveled to the Capitol to meet with Legislators and their staff members to explain the purpose and need for ACR 268 and attend the Assembly Education Committee hearing to testify in support of ACR 268, where the initial vote was taken to approve the resolution. Jon Corrippo, CUE Executive Director, and John Cradler, provided testimony with other CUE representatives attending to testify if needed. Others included Kim Evans-Harrison, Mary Kopp, Ruthmary Cradler, and John Fleischman.

After being introduced and approved by the Assembly Education Committee, Assembly Member Thurmond issued a press release found at: When time for ACR 268 to be presented to the Senate Floor it was necessary for Assembly Member Thurmond to ask a Senator to support and present the Resolution. Senator Jerry Hill agreed and his Senate presentation can be viewed by clicking on:

For ACR 268 text and updates, go to California Legislative Information:

California Net Neutrality Legislation (SB 822): After several amendments and extensive debate, the Net Neutrality for California bill, SB 822 by Senator Scott Wiener, et al., passed the Assembly Floor and then on August 31st it passed the Senate Floor and is now on its way to the Governor for his signature. The Governor has until Sept. 30th to sign the bill. SB 822 is the first major State level, net neutrality legislation and has evolved as a model for at least 30 other States. Several of our Congressional Delegation strongly supported this State initiative including U.S. Congressional Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Ana Eshoo, and Senator Dianne Feinstein. Almost every major newspaper has publicized the passing of SB 822 as a major effort to restore net neutrality. The Principal Author of the bill, Scott Wiener stated the following:

We passed the strongest net neutrality standards in the nation. This is about a level playing field and an Internet where we as individuals get to decide where we go on the Internet instead of being told by Internet service providers, or manipulated by Internet service providers, into going where they want us to go.

CUE played an important role in this legislation by sponsoring, last year, the net neutrality Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR 7), by California Assembly Member Kevin Mullin, asking the US Congress and the POTUS to restore net neutrality. AJR 7 served to inform many of the California Legislators about the need to restore net neutrality and prompted interest in the development of California Legislation that would establish net neutrality for California. We were assisted and supported by FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel (photo) in developing and processing AJR 7. We then elicited her assistance to advise Senator Wiener in the development of SB 822.  Last year, Jessica attended the Spring CUE conference to receive the CUE Legislative Advocacy Award for her role in establishing the net neutrality rules as an FCC Commissioner when Obama was President.

FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel

FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel

CUE provided written support, testimony at Assembly and Senate hearings, and met with targeted Senators to explain the relevance of net neutrality to education and relate SB 822 to the previous CUE-sponsored net neutrality resolution. U. S. Congress Member, Anna Eshoo (San Jose) reported that AJR 7 made it possible to clearly state that the California Legislature supports net neutrality which reinforced her effort to introduce a Federal bill to restore net neutrality.

For SB 822 text and updates, go to California Legislative Information:

Media Literacy Legislation (SB 830): CUE is a major supporter of SB 830 which would establish and fund implementation of new State Curriculum standards and guidelines related to media literacy and digital citizenship. This bill passed both the Assembly and Senate and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. To read the SB 830 text and or updates, go to:

CUE Advocacy Strategy

As opportunities arise, CUE continues to be proactive in the development, co-development, and sponsorship of state and Federal legislation and resolutions. The CUE Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC) meets monthly to take positions on relevant bills and other related actions suggested by the CUE Legislative Consultants and the Committee members.  Anyone who is interested in being involved in supporting the CUE advocacy effort should contact Mary Kopp, CUE Senior Program Manager, or John Cradler,

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