Back in February 2018, CUE held a #CUErockstar Benefit Camp for the Sonoma, CA fire victims in Napa County. Thanks to the generosity of the CUE community, each educator who lost his/her home received a monetary gift and the understanding that #CUEcares.

In a recent email from Dr. Barbara Nemko, Superintendent of Napa County Office of Education, she writes:

Hi Jon,

As we talked about yesterday, we are dividing the $7,000 (that includes the gift cards) that RockStarCUE collected equally among every teacher in Napa and Sonoma who lost their home.  We have 7 in Napa and they have 150 in Sonoma, which comes out to $44.58 each, so we will round that up to $45.  We will wait until we get your CUE note to distribute the cards, but Jennifer from the NVUSD Ed Foundation will send a check to the Sonoma County Office of Education this week, with instructions to wait for the CUE note.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make this event happen.  (Not to mention my tee-shirt!)

You’re the best!!


While we know that the material items pale in comparison to the emotional loss of the Napa Fires, we hope that Napa and Sonoma Counties know that CUE is more than conferences, events, and newsletters. We are humans… we are a network of innovators ready to take in anyone and everyone who has a hunger to learn, be connected, and grow.


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